Healing and Transformation with Penny Winestock, M.Sc., Initiated Shamanic Healer

What is Soul Recovery & Extraction (SR/E)?
Soul Recovery & Extraction is a method that helps people heal, grow, and thrive. It has been practiced and taught for millennia by shamans in indigenous tribes and communities all over the world. In an altered state induced by drumming and meditation, a shaman accesses specific messages and energies to support your well-being, then delivers them to you. I include a written email report of your journey.

What results/effects does SR/E produce?
People for whom I've journeyed have reported:

1. increased capacity to speak in the world
2. clarity of career focus and direction
3. freedom from crippling fear of intimacy.
4. relief from stiffness in joints due to old injuries
5. a freeing of sexual energy
6. a sudden end to chronic gum infections
7. relaxation of relationship tension with grown children
Some of their own accounts can be read on my main website,

As well as these tangible benefits, the process also works as a preventative, removing congestion in the early stages before it becomes a physical illness or psychological pattern.

Which tradition, which shaman?

Every shaman brings unique skills and penchants, formed by a mix of personal history (see my bio) and the imprint of teachers. I learned the ancient Cherokee SRE ritual that had been passed to my teacher by her father and grandmother, and I continue to honour that form. My teacher also emphasized independence for the shamans she trained and initiated. She counseled against the forming or joining of institutions, so that 'soul-to-soul' communication could be as unsullied as possible by power politics or coercive 'religiosity'. This bias suits my nature, my views on healing and transformation at this time on earth, and my time of life as an evolving elder.

Who can make use of an SRE journey with me?

You can ask me a question or two by phone (416-429-2569). There is no need for you to be experienced with psychological, spiritual, or alternative healing methods. If you are, that experience will contribute to the outcome. A first-time journey will run as deeply as your readiness allows. There is also no need to be a 'believer' or to eschew all skepticism. All you need is a desire for some healing or a timely boost to your health and well-being.

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